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7 Key Points to a Perfect Diet


7 Key Points to a Perfect Diet

With Chanukah leaving us all with that guilty feeling of eating too many donuts and latkes its time again to address your diet, but you don’t have to make drastic changes like only eating fruit and vegetables, or having no carbs. Exercise is a massive part of getting back to the body you want but you have to get all aspects right, including diet and rest, so here's my 7 points on diet.

• First, prepare your food before you eat it. Before you go to work make sure you have all your meals prepared and ready to take with you. Restaurants and fast food places don't care if you’re on a diet; they make food that tastes nice. The human body is naturally attracted to sugar and salt, both of these in excess are very bad. Ready meals and processed food can cause problems too, so remember if you do side with convenience to check the label.

• Two, eat around every 3-4 hours, this sounds wrong BUT doing so keeps your metabolism ticking over, and you’re telling your body its ok to burn calories because you’re going to get more in a few hours. Most people in the industry will tell you this not just me.

• Three is a follow up to two; do not eat till you are full, because when you are full you have eaten too much!  By eating small, frequent meals, you will keep metabolism going and be ready for your next meal when it comes. If you eat too much in one meal some of that is likely to be stored as fat and you don't want to eat your next meal, so you are back to square one where your not eating every three hours.

• Fourth is to make lean protein the basis for all meals, for example egg whites (yolk is fat and cholesterol), fish, chicken or even protein powder if you can't carry raw meat to work. For vegetarians eat cottage cheese or bulgur wheat. Protein keeps you full up for longer too, so you'll want to eat less.

• Fifth is to eat natural food i.e. fruit and vegetables; this is readily available fresh from markets, supermarkets and food halls.  Avoid ready meals and tinned food. Eat oranges instead of orange juice. Have a bowl of oats for breakfast rather than some honey nut cornflakes or coco pops. Also try to vary the colours of your fruit and vegetables, because as mentioned in my first article, different colours represent different vitamins and minerals.

• Sixth, don’t drink your calories.  Fizzy drinks and even fruit juices have had all the nutrients and fiber taken out of them so you are left with just fruit sugar. Drinking Coke or Pepsi is pretty much like saying you want to get fat.  Drink water and green tea.  Green tea can help reduce certain cancers and contains EGCG’s, which have been proven to increase your metabolism.

• Finally, do not have more than one cheat meal a day. You can have more calories in one day than in the rest of the week, most people follow a well balanced diet throughout the week then eat and drink over Shabbos and spoil all their hard work.

Other than that enjoy and good luck getting that beach body by the time summer comes back around.

Daniel Fisher REPS

Facility Manager
Kosher Fitness

Administrative Director
Kosher Fitness Ltd


You can download this article in PDF format by clicking here



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